The majority of plate parts are processed using a flat grinder.

The majority of plate parts are processed using a flat grinder. In processing, it is common to encounter a long and thin thin thin plate part, which is difficult to process. Because during processing, under the adsorption of magnetic force, the workpiece undergoes deformation and adheres closely to the surface of the workbench. When the workpiece is removed, it will undergo recovery deformation again. The thickness measurement is consistent, but the parallelism does not meet the requirements. The solution is to use the magnetic isolation grinding method, which means that during grinding, an equal height block is placed under the workpiece, and all four blocking blocks are used to resist it. When processing, small feed and multiple light knives are used. After processing one side, there is no need to place an equal height block and it can be directly adsorbed for processing. This can improve the grinding effect and meet the parallelism requirements.

Post time: 2024-04-25 14:42:00
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