May I ask what products your company sells and what are the differences between them and the finished products on the market?

We provide a wide range of services, including: 1.sheet metal stamping parts; 2. Mechanical components; 3. CNC parts; 4. Precision machining services 5. Stamping molds and fixtures; 6. Automotive stamping parts; 7. Forklift parts; 8. Customized cutting services, etc. Customized service is our feature.

May I ask what are the main customer groups of your company?

We focus on customizing products based on customer drafts and samples. And provide high-quality services to customers, serving many different industries, including electronics, healthcare, communication, reinforced systems, commercial industries, communication equipment, consumer electronics, automation machines, medical devices, industrial machinery, automobiles, electrical appliances, and other industries.

Can I buy for personal usage?

Of course,we can design and manufacture the products according to your requirement.

What is the product warranty?

Our company is responsible for product quality issues. Each batch of products has a testing report, and we promise that the product quality will strictly follow the testing standards within a limited period of time.

Do you have a minimum order quantity?

No, we accept customized requests.
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