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As a stamping parts fabrication manufacturer,we can produce the cnc stamping parts for the precision electrical contact sheet metal stamping parts production according to your requirements.Welcome you to contact us !

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Immerse yourself in the world of precision-engineered metal stamping parts with MaxTech! Our electrical contact components boast of superior quality and outstanding functionality, serving as the heartbeat of your conductive circuits. Specially designed to efficiently facilitate the transit of current, our metal stamping parts range from diverse wiring lugs, robust wiring bases to reliable contacts. Each of these parts is more than just a piece of metal - it's a promise of durability, reliability, and exceptional performance.



electrical contact sheet metal stamping parts refer to metal parts used in conductive circuits to undertake the task of passing current, such as various wiring lugs, wiring bases, contacts, etc. Electrical contact stamping parts need to have certain conductivity and resistance to current impact, as well as high wear resistance, corrosion resistance, and stability. Common electrical contact stamping parts include relay shrapnel, PCB shrapnel, connector shrapnel, etc.

Welcome you to contact us for the sheet metal stamping parts production fabrication .

Precision electrical contact sheet metal stamping parts production technical parameter:


Silver copper alloy, silver nickel series, silver tin oxide series, other alloys: such as copper alloy, nickel alloy, etc.

Processing equipment

Stamping machines, stamping dies, plate shears, Press brake, punches, gold plating equipment, silver plating equipment, nickel plating equipment, copper plating equipment, etc

Surface treatment

Gold plating, silver plating, nickel plating, copper plating, etc

Quality inspection

Electroplating (zinc, cadmium, copper, chromium, tin, nickel, etc.), blackening, painting, polishing

Accuracy range





Electricity, communication, machinery, automobiles, railway transportation, aerospace, etc



Cartographic software



21 years of rich experience in machining, efficient and high-quality non-standard samples, stable and affordable batch production parts, customer satisfaction and recognition are our service objectives!


Customized OEM, ODM

Precision electrical contact sheet metal stamping parts production Payment & Shipping:

Packaging Details:normal export packaging

Delivery Port :ningbo/shanghai

Precision electrical contact sheet metal stamping parts production show :

We utilize top-grade metals that provide both flexibility and strength, ensuring that our metal stamping parts align perfectly with your unique requirements. Dedicated to delivering excellence, our team of seasoned engineers meticulously oversee the production and fabrication process. This unwavering attention to detail results in metal stamping parts that not only meet but exceed industry standards. The final product: a superior range of electrical contact sheet metal stamping parts that guarantees seamless current flow in your circuits. When it comes to electrical contact applications, you deserve nothing but the best. That's why MaxTech is the partner of choice for precision metal stamping parts. Connect with us to secure high-functioning, long-lasting parts that deliver on promises of superior current transmission. Remember, in an era dictated by technology and powered by electricity, never compromise on the heartbeat of your conductive circuits - choose MaxTech's metal stamping parts!
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