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Sheet metal stamping dies are dies used for stamping processing, which can process precision  metal sheets or pipes through stamping, cutting, bending, and other processes to produce parts of various shapes and sizes.

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At Custom Stamping Inc, we are dedicated to providing the finest precision sheet metal stamping die service. Our expertise lies within the area of stamping dies, a fundamental tool used in the metalworking industry for reshaping various metal sheets or tubes through a process of stamping, cutting, and bending. The result is finely-crafted metal parts of varying shapes and sizes, tailored to meet your specifications. The value of a good stamping die cannot be overstated, and we, at Custom Stamping Inc, are committed to delivering nothing but top-tier precision with our products. Our focus remains on producing high-quality, accurate metal parts that exceed standard expectations in the industry. We strive to be the go-to provider for companies seeking to implement the best metalworking solutions for their needs.



Sheet metal stamping dies are dies used for stamping processing, which can process precision  metal sheets or pipes through stamping, cutting, bending, and other processes to produce parts of various shapes and sizes.

Precision sheet metal stamping die can be divided into blanking molds, punching molds, bending molds, and reinforcement molds according to different processing techniques. According to the different processing materials, it can be divided into steel plate stamping dies, stainless steel stamping dies, aluminum plate stamping dies, etc.

Precision sheet metal stamping dies are usually composed of two parts: the upper die and the lower die, with the upper mold fixed on the stamping machine and the lower mold fixed on the workbench. During the stamping process, the upper and lower dies are combined to fix the metal sheet or pipe in the mold, and the stamping process is completed through the pressure of the stamping machine.

sheet metal stamping dies have the advantages of high precision, high efficiency, and low cost, and are widely used in fields such as automobiles, electronics, and home appliances.

As a sheet metal stamping die manufacturer,we can supply you all the service.

Precision sheet metal stamping die technical parameter:


steel plate, tainless steel , aluminum, etc.


Processing equipment

Plate shears, punches, Press brake, CNC cutting machines, wire drawing machines, sandblasting machines, grinding and polishing machines, electroplating process tanks, air oxidation tanks, leveling machines

Surface treatment

Spray molding, painting, blackening, electrophoresis, galvanizing, nickel plating, etc

Quality inspection

Electroplating (zinc, cadmium, copper, chromium, tin, nickel, etc.), blackening, painting, polishing

Accuracy range





Sheet metal stamping molds are widely used in automobiles, electrical appliances, electronics, machinery, etc



Cartographic software



21 years of rich experience in machining, efficient and high-quality non-standard samples, stable and affordable batch production parts, customer satisfaction and recognition are our service objectives!


Customized OEM, ODM

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Packaging Details:normal export packaging

Delivery Port :ningbo/shanghai

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Our team of skilled and dedicated professionals work tirelessly to ensure that we meet your individual requirements. We prioritise precision, quality, and efficiency at every step of the process. From interpreting your design requests to producing the final stamped product, you can expect impeccable service and products from Custom Stamping Inc. Our technical adeptness combined with our commitment to customer satisfaction makes us the ideal choice for your precision sheet metal stamping die needs. With over 800 satisfied clients, we are excited to welcome you on board and look forward to delivering the high-quality precision you deserve, marking your path to success with Custom Stamping Inc.
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