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what is sheet metal fabrication?


Sheet metal fabrication is the process of forming parts from a metal sheet. 3D CAD files

are converted into machine code, which controls a machine to precisely cut and form the

sheets into the final part. Sheet metal parts are known for their durability, which makes

them great for end-use applications (e.g. chassis).
Businesses that specialize in sheet metal fabrication are commonly referred to as

fabrication shops, or fab shops for short.
Sheet metal fabrication generally involves cutting and burning the sheet metal. Special

tools, such as band saws, are used to cut the sheet metal. Band saws have special hardened

blades and are capable of feeding the sheet metal to ensure even cutting.
Sheet metal fabrication also involves the use of hydraulic breaks. With hydraulic breaks,

sheet metal fabrication is simplified, as they help create bends at predetermined angles.

Rolling machines are also used in sheet metal fabrication to form steel into round

Another main focus of sheet metal fabrication is welding. After the sheet metal parts are

formed, they are assembled and tack welded into place.
Straightening warped steel during sheet metal fabrication is accomplished with an Oxy-

acetylene torch. With straightening, heat is applied to the metal in a slow, linear

fashion. Using this method, a highly skilled welder can remove even significant warpage.
Our custom sheet metal services offer a cost-effective and on-demand solution for your

manufacturing needs. Fabrication services range from low-volume prototype to high-volume

production runs.

what is sheet metal fabrication? what is sheet metal fabrication?
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